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Mintos IDONTMIND 2020

Mental health has been a very personal topic to me, as it's something that I've struggled with and still struggle with daily. It has been a challenge, from acknowledging that mental health disorders are a real thing, to realizing that I suffer from it, to combating the day to day demons.

Support the cause here.

First, I just want to thanks Alexotos with all my heart for helping me be brave enough to do this event. Please see his site for the wonderful work he does!

I'm blessed to be able to support a cause that I truly feel passionate about. It's something that I'm nervous, yet really excited, to be an advocate for. Learn more about MHA here, and IDONTMIND here.

Donations to IDONTMIND helps to expand the reach and resources of their campaign and bring hope to those who need it most. Their biggest resource right now is their IDONTMIND Journal, a collection of helpful and inspiring articles on mental health. From actionable tips for improving your mental health to personal stories, it’s a space for honest, open, and informative conversations. Since the IDONTMIND Journal was launched in 2019, they've written nearly 100 journal articles that are reaching over 125,000 people. Donations to IDONTMIND also helps to amplify Mental Health America's many amazing resources like their screening program. MHA's online screening tool is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition.

Mental Health America is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization (EIN 13-1614906) and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. Please retain your receipt for your records.

I hope you will join me and Alex in an awesome event, to hopefully make even the smallest difference.

Thank you!

Event Schedule

Mintos Journal

I want to start open conversations to destigmatize mental health, so I will be opening up an anonymous journal a few days before the event to share your stories. Alex and I will be reading as many of these as possible on stream, so if any of you want to share your stories and experiences with mental health with us and our Twitch chat, please feel free to do so! And join in on the conversations during stream!

Please note that the journal will be open and closed before the event just so we can double check for troll entries and divide the stories evenly between us to share. I will be announcing on other social media platforms when this form will go live so be sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or join my Discord.

Friday, July 10th

We will be running a silent auction in the background, which will be run from 8PM PST on July 10th to 12PM PST July 12th (noon).

You will be able to see the highest bidder, but not the history of bids. Winner will be contacted through e-mail or Discord to arrange proof of donation and shipping information.

Link to auction here.

Link to highest bids here.

Saturday, July 11th

7AM PST: I will kick off the first half of this event with a 12 hour stream.
Find my stream: here.

7PM PST: Alex will then take over the second half of this event with a 12 hour stream.
Find his stream: here.

There will be many items available for giveaway as goals are met! Giveaway items provided by Aura Mech, Space Cables, and Alex and myself.

If you would like to support during these streams, please donate to the Tiltify campaign!

Charity Auction

The charity auction will be live from 8PM PST on Friday July 10th to 12PM PST on Sunday July 12th. Winning bidders will be requested to donate directly to the charity before arrangements are made to ship the item to you.

The Fair Market Value is listed for tax purposes.

Link to auction here.

Link to highest bids here.

Free shipping. Open internationally.


  • Iron 165 by Smith + Rune
    FMV: $500 USD
    Kit includes: polycarbonate case, copper ansi plate, pcb
    Polycarbonate Iron 165
  • Orthochu by Low Key Keyboards
    FMV: $120
    Kit includes: lemon bonbon acrylic case, black aluminum plate
    Low Key Keyboards Orthochu
  • Savage65 by and donated by Cannon Keys
    FMV: $270 USD
    Kit includes: dark grey case, fr4 plate, pcb
    Cannon Keys Savage 65
  • Navy TMO v2 by Funderburker and donated by Funder and Cannon Keys
    FMV: $375 USD
    Kit includes: navy case, brass plate and weight, pcb
    Funderburker TMOv2


  • SA Bliss: base, novelties
    FMV: $240 USD


Huge thanks to all of the following artisan makers for donating and supporting this cause!

Unless otherwise stated, only one cap per colorway is available.

  • Latrialum: Exalted Orion Arrows (4) Set (Exclusive 1 of 1)
    FMV: $120 USD
    Latrialum Exalted Orion WASD Set
  • Nightcaps: Grape Sorbet and Rainbow Sherbert Fugkotsu
    FMV: $85 USD each
    Nightcaps Grape Sorbet Fugkotsu

    Nightcaps Rainbow Sherbert Fugkotsu
  • Hello Caps: Día de Muertos Bongo
    FMV: $100 USD
    Hello Caps Dìa de Muertos Bongo
  • Alpha Keycaps: Ignorance Salvador (1 of 12)
    FMV: $70 USD
    Alpha Keycaps Ignorance Salvador
  • Artkey Universe: Ikigai Sirius (Exclusive 1 of 1) and Sweven Bull v2 (1 of 11)
    FMV: $300 and $75 USD

    Artkeys Universe Sweven Bull V2
  • Primecaps: Lore Philter (1 of 6) and Tango Sonata (1 of 3) Al Bumen
    FMV: $90 USD each
    Primecaps Lore Philter Al Bumen
    Prime Caps Tango Sonata Al Bumen
  • Dwarf Factory: Cimmerian Dust Mystic Dragon Enter (Exclusive 1 of 1)
    FMV: $59
    Dwarf Factory Cimmerian Mystic Dragon

    Dwarf Factory Cimmerian Mystic Dragon
  • Tokkipee: IDM Sakura (Exclusive 1 of 1)
    FMV: $75
  • Mimiatures: Eeveelution Series (9 Caps)
    FMV: $360 USD
    Minterly Eeveelution Series Keycaps
  • Hunger Work Studio: Popsi donated by Chamchi
    FMV: $150
    Hunger Work Studio Popsi
  • Capsmiths: Oni, Bali, Jackal, Pharoah
    FMV: $20 USD each
    Capsmiths' Artisans
  • Systematik Caps: Mintos Angrychu (12 caps total)
    FMV: $60 USD each
    Systematik Caps Mintos Angryatchu
  • Froueloop: Blush Rosanna (3 caps total)
    FMV: $55
    Froueloop Artisan
  • Tinymakesthings: IDONTMIND Marshies (Exclusive, 2 caps total)
    FMV: $100 USD for both
    Tinymakesthings Marshies

I hope you will join us in supporting the cause, whether it is by spreading the word, sharing your stories, researching how you can help your community, or through monetary contributions. There are many ways to help! And most importantly, please take care and enjoy!

Support the cause here.