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About Kisa


I'm a perpetual dabbler in creative hobbies and I'm excited to be able to share my love for cute things through art and design.

While I've always loved collecting trinkets and scribbling on my art tablets on and off through the years, I really started this journey with my first Adult Job which got me diving eyes closed head first into custom keyboards, streaming, and meeting my wonderful community who have stuck with me since Minterly days.

I'm really grateful that I can share the things I love! which is mostly dogs, my random camping adventures, and advocating for mental health support and awareness.

Check out my photo dump Instagram feed, hang out with me on Twitch streams, or come chat with the Boba Beans community on Discord.

Thank you for all of the support which makes it possible for me to pursue these creative ventures! I have been inspired and experienced happiness that I cannot even begin to describe and I am just eternally grateful.

Thank you!