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Mints for Health 2021

Mints for Health 2021

Mental health support and destigmatization is a really important cause for me because even a conversation can do so much as a small step towards sharing and acceptance.

Special thanks to Zja for coming up with an inspiring event logo!


Support the cause here.

I really appreciate that IDONTMIND supports conversations about mental health by encouraging people to share what's on your mind. It's okay to talk about your feelings and share! I personally understand how hard it is to start those conversations especially with fear of ridicule and judgment but I've been lucky to meet amazing, accepting people who are willing to listen to my story and I hope to create a space for other to feel comfortable sharing as well. I highly encourage you, if you feel comfortable doing so, to share you #IDONTMIND stories on social media to get the conversation going.

Donations to IDONTMIND helps to expand the reach and resources of their campaign and bring hope to those who need it most. Their biggest resource right now is their IDONTMIND Journal, a collection of helpful and inspiring articles on mental health. From actionable tips for improving your mental health to personal stories, it’s a space for honest, open, and informative conversations. Since the IDONTMIND Journal was launched in 2019, they've written nearly 100 journal articles that are reaching over 125,000 people. Donations to IDONTMIND also helps to amplify Mental Health America's many amazing resources like their screening program. MHA's online screening tool is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition.

Mental Health America is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization (EIN 13-1614906) and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. Please retain your Tiltify receipt for your records.

Event Schedule

Journal - Open until April 1st

Share your stories!

Like last year's event, I want to start open conversations to destigmatize mental health, so I will be opening up an anonymous journal from March 26th to April 1st to share your stories. For those who share their stories, thank you so much for being brave. Your stories will be read on Twitch and I encourage you to join in either by sharing your stories or starting conversations during the stream!

Friday, April 2nd

12 NOON PDT: We will be running a silent auction to support IDONTMIND/MHA, and it will be run from April 2nd from noon PST to April 4th noon PST for a total of 48 hours. More details below!

11:59 PM PDT: I will be starting an uncapped charity-thon on Twitch on Friday at midnight, with a ton of giveaways like switches, keycaps, and even keyboards. Find my stream: here.

Saturday, April 3rd

12 NOON PDT: Tinymakesthings aka Tiny will be joining me around noontime on Saturday!

1 or 2 PM PDT: Zja2damax will be coming on as a guest! We will be crafting his paper petals project so if you'd like to craft along with us, please feel free to prepare the project beforehand.

Paper Petals Project

Around 5 PM PDT: Irenealing will be coming on a guest to hang out and chat with us!

Mints for Health 2021 Stream Giveaways

If you would like to support IDONTMIND and Mental Health America, at anytime during this event please donate to the Tiltify campaign!


The blind charity auction will be live from 12PM PST (noon) on Friday April 2nd to 12PM PST (noon) on Sunday April 4th.



Bidding Process

Bidding will be handled with a Discord login verification and form which will ask for the following:

  1. Item to bid on.
  2. Your bid amount for the item selected, in USD currency.

Here's an example of what the bidding site will look like. Each item is separated into its own dropdown and will have its own bid entry textbox. When you press submit bid, your Discord username, ID, and e-mail will be recorded along with your bid.

Bidding Terms

Auction Terms

  • The auction will be a blind auction which means that the public will be able to see the highest bid, but not who the bidder is or the history of bids.
  • Your name, Discord ID, e-mail and bidding history will be recorded and shared with my mod team and some members of the Keycult mod team (Koi and Obsidian).
  • Shipping for the item will be covered at no additional cost to you and items can be shipped internationally. All packages will be shipped with tracked shipping method.
  • To prevent auction sniping, if a "bidding war" happens at the end of the auction, there will be a 5 min grace period for each additional bid.
  • We will be verifying the top bidders at the 24hr mark and again 6 hrs before the auction ends.
  • You must make your donation of your highest bid amount within 24hrs of being notified of your winning bid. If you pass on your win or your donation isn't completed, your win will be passed to the next winner. 
  • Donations are to be made to the Tiltify campaign.
  • Retain your records to supplement proof of donation.
  • No funds will be handled by myself or anyone else involved in the event. All funds will go through the Tiltify campaign which then goes directly to MHA.
  • If you need to retract your bid at any time, contact mintsforhealth at gmail dot com.

We've gone with Tiltify because they're a trusted platform that handles charity fundraising and integrates smoothly with Twitch charity events.

Here are some donor FAQ regarding Tiltify.

Here is Tiltify's TOS policy.

Auction Items

First off, a huge thank you to all of the individuals, vendors, and creators who donated to support this event. I'm so amazed by everyone who is so willing and generous to come together to support mental health.

Mental Health America is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization (EIN 13-1614906) and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. Please retain your Tiltify receipt for your records.

The Fair Market Value is listed for tax purposes.

Item 1
KAT Eternal Alphas + 60s/TKL Icon Mods + Novelties + Exclusive Lamb & Wolf Kit
FMV: $117KAT Eternal

Item 2
"Siren" Neko Senshi (Exclusive 1 of 1)
Donated by Latrialum.

Item 3
"Pastel Output" 8bit 1u Cubic
FMV: $50
Donated by Jelly Key.Jelly Key 8bit Pastel Outpost 1u Cubic

Item 4
"Pastel Outpost" 8bit 6.25u Cherry
FMV: $69
Donated by Jelly Key.Jelly Key 8bit Pastel Outpost 6.25u Cherry

Item 5
"Printempts" Born of Forest 1u
FMV: $50
Donated by Jelly Key.Jelly Key Born of Forest Printempts 1u

Item 6
"Herbts" Born of Forest 6.25u Spacebar
FMV: $72
Donated by Jelly Key.Jelly Key Born of Forest Herbts 6.25u Spacebar

Item 7
Caribbean Design03 with Brushed Stainless Steel Plate + Plate Foam
FMV: $265
Donated by Arctangent KB.Design 03Design03

Item 8
Black Time80RE
Built with brass plate, clipped, lubed, and band-aid modded Cherry stabs,
unlubed TTC Brown switches, and IFK WOB.
FMV: $630
Donated by Fox Lab.Time80RETime80RE Back

Item 9
95x Mauves
FMV: $55
Donated by Brixzz.Mauve Switches

Item 10
Schrodinger Space65: CyberVoyager
E-cream, green, and yellow board with carbon fiber plate, extra PCB, extra vibration reduction pad, extra CF plate, extra bad collector with 9 extra colors of LED aluminum badges.
FMV: $425
Donated by zoba.Space65Space65Space65Space65

Item 11
"Spring Blossom" Jasmine
FMV: $90
Donated by CraftedByAnnie.Spring Blossom JasmineSpring Blossom Jasmine

Item 12
"Spring Blossom" Pascal
FMV: $75
Donated by CraftedByAnnie.Spring Blossom PascalSpring Blossom Pascal

Item 13
"Sunflower" Pascal (Exclusive 1 of 1)
FMV: $75
Donated by CraftedByAnnie.Sunflower PascalSunflower Pascal

Item 14
"Spring" Nisagi
FMV: $80
Donated by Shirouu Kaps.Spring NisgaiSpring Nisgai

Item 15, 16, 17 (Individual Lots)
"Totoro" Bearbie
FMV: $70
Donated by Bowbie Keycaps.Totoro Bearbie

Item 18
"Milo" Bongoface (Exclusive 1 of 1)
FMV: $125
Donated by Nightcaps Keycaps.Milo Bongoface

Item 19
Mystery Colorway Bongo
FMV: $105
Donated by Hello.Mystery Bongo

Item 20
"Element 27" Spacejams (Exclusive 1 of 1 Aluminum Cold Cast)
FMV: $75
Donated by Sodie Caps.Element 27 Spacejams

Item 21
Black J-02
Built with Carbon Fiber plate, C3 stabilizers lubed with 205g0, and 67g Tangies lubed with 205g0 and filmed with thicc films. (Keycaps not included)
FMV: $500
Donated by PenguinDroppings.J-02J-02

Item 22
"Primary Pandemonium" Naryu
FMV: $65
Donated by Fraktal Caps.Primary Pandemonium Naryu

Item 23
Sunflower Keycult No. 2/65 (Exclusive 1 of 1)
FMV: $590
Donated by Keycult.Keycult No. 2/65Keycult No. 2/65Keycult No. 2/65

Item 24
"Prima" Miros
FMV: $65
Donated by Miroticaps.Prima Miros

Item 25
"Baby Rexie" Boss Carrier (Exclusive 1 of 1)
FMV: $58
Donated by Dwarf Factory."Baby Rexxie" Boss Carrier"Baby Rexxie" Boss Carrier"Baby Rexxie" Boss Carrier

Item 26
White Bakeneko
Aluminum o-ring gasket-mounted 60% keyboard with carrying case, FR4 plate, hotswap PCB, GMK clip-in stabilizers.
Disclaimer: This board will be handled on stream during the event but returned to a "unbuilt" state.
FMV: $130
Donated by Cannon Keys.BakenekoBakeneko

Item 27
Frosted Purple 60% Acrylic Case
Clear USB cutout layer (RGB shine through), universal (ANSI + ISO) PETG plate, and light blue hardware (can be changed before shipment).
FMV: $175
Donated by SM Keyboards.SM Keyboards 60% Acrylic CaseSM Keyboards 60% Acrylic Case

Item 28, 29, 30 (Individual Lots)
"Baby Blues" Goob
FMV: $70
Donated by Ochre + Moss.Baby Blues GoobBaby Blues GoobBaby Blues Goob

Item 31
"Sunset Sherbert" Glob
FMV: $65
Donated by Glyco Caps.Glob

Item 32
"Keep Going" Polyrath Set
FMV: $100
Donated by Rathcaps.Keep Going Polirath

Item 33
"IDMnty" Sakura (Exclusive 1 of 1)
FMV: $60
Donated by Tokkipee.IDMnty Sakura

Item 34
"Mintos" Ros (Left, Exclusive 1 of 1)
FMV: $50
Donated by Froueloop.Ros

Item 35
"Mintominto?" Ros (Right, Exclusive 1 of 1)
FMV: $50
Donated by Froueloop.Ros

Item 36
"Passiflora" Porcus
FMV: $100
Donated by Artkey Universe.Passiflora PorcusPassiflora PorcusPassiflora Porcus

Item 37
"Tea Time No-Face" Bean (1 of 2)
FMV: $75
Donated by DEΔGcaps.Tea Time No-Face BeanTea Time No-Face Bean

Item 38
"I'll Be Okay" Keyby
FMV: $100
Donated by CYSM.I'll Be Okay Keyby

Item 39
"Mind Control" Xiro
Donated by Archetype.Mind Control Xiro

Item 40
"Ocean Eyes" Kolkrabba (Exclusive 1 of 1)
Donated by Archetype.Ocean Eyes Kolkrabba

Item 41
"Mangorine" Kolkrabba (Exclusive 1 of 1)
Donated by Archetype.Mangorine Kolkrabba

Item 42
FMV: $50
Donated by Vixekeys.Moonlight

Item 43
Custom Cable 
Cable picture is not final design. Winner will be able to work with Luxecables to design a completely custom themed cable.
FMV: $80
Donated by Luxecables.Luxe Cables

Item 44, 45, 46, 47 (Individual Lots)
Custom Fuschia Launchpad Kit
FMV: $180
Donated by Ungodly Design.Launchpad

Item 48, 49, 50 (Individual Lots)
"Late Valentine" Loveless
FMV: $30
Donated by Digitvoid.Late Valentine Loveless

Item 51 (Exclusive 1 of 1)
"Hurt Nerve" Demon
FMV: $75
Donated by Bad Habit Caps.Hurt Nerve Demon

Item 52 (1 of 30)
Lilac P.02 Kit
P.02 kit with aluminum ANSI plate, brass ANSI plate, lilac wedge accent piece, brass wedge accent piece, white P.02 PCB. Keycaps not included.
FMV: $510
Donated by Protozoa Studio.Lilac P.02Lilac P.02

Item 53 (Left)
"Zorg" Multipass
FMV: $55
Donated by Obscura Caps.

Item 54 (Right)
"Monst3r Energy" Garble
Donated by Slime Scholar Caps.

Item 55
Silver Series 00 XXXXL (1 of 10)
Esc Lab has offered to include a custom engraving if the donation amount exceeds $500.
FMV: $169.69
Donated by Esc Lab.Series 00 XXXXLSeries 00 XXXXLSeries 00 XXXXL

Item 56
ePBT Soju Base + Novelties + Accent + THOK Novelty Keycap
Estimated to deliver Q4 of 2021. Winner will have choice of Accent kit and THOK keycap color.
FMV: $185
Donated by Dandruff.ePBT SojuePBT SojuePBT Soju THOKePBT Soju THOK

Item 57
Custom Cable
Cable picture is not final design. Winner will be able to work with THOK to design a completely custom themed cable.
FMV: $70
Donated by THOK.THOK Cable

If you would like to support IDONTMIND and Mental Health America, at anytime during this event please donate to the Tiltify campaign!